Reality Vs. Fantasy

Summer time is here!  Which means those fitness New Year's resolutions will rear their little heads again as you're preparing for bikini season. The latest fitness programs and diets will start popping up all over your Facebook news feed, promising 6 pack abs in 6 weeks when you subscribe to Fit&  

As a trainer, I often battle with numerous magazine articles telling its readers they have to try this hot new workout trend if they want to scorch off the fat. Beyoncé lost 10 pounds before the Grammy's doing this cleanse so you should do it too.  And when the next month's issue comes out, there will be a whole new list of trends encouraging others to train harder and eat less in order to achieve the perfect bikini bod. What the magazines don't tell you is that the fitness model in the picture is put on a  strict diet as well as trains 1.5 to 3 hours on a daily basis.  It's their job to maintain a perfect bikini body to promote a company's products.  What you don't see is what the fitness model looks like as soon as he or she gets off the routine.  Below is video of a woman sharing her bikini competition body versus her everyday on the picture and see for yourself!

Staying fit and healthy doesn't have to be so hard!  Did you know that the health industry changes just as often as technology? There are new gimmicks and fads welcomed into the world every minute of every day guaranteeing easier and faster ways of achieving your dream body.  The key is to keep it simple and avoid taking your workouts and diet to the extreme.  For long lasting results to preserve a healthy and active lifestyle, follow these 3 helpful tips:

  1. Eat your vegetables and throw out the crap!  What do the Mediterranean, Paleo, and any other diet have in common?  Eat your veggies, eliminate processed foods, and reduce added sugar intake.  If we're looking at celebrities, I like to follow the 80/20 rule like my girl, Jennifer Anniston.  Stay active and eat the fresh stuff 80% of the time, and allow yourself to indulge the other 20%.  The goal is to stay consistent!
  2. Fuel your body accurately.  The more workouts added to your weekly routine, the more food your body is going to need...NOT LESS!  When properly nourished, the body goes through an ideal chain of command for energy: carbohydrate, fat, then protein.  When undernourished, the chain goes as such:  protein, carbohydrate, fat.  Where does protein come from?  MUSCLE!  Now why would you want to go through all the sweat only to break down what you're trying to build?  Therefore, make sure you avoid "starvation mode" and eat more when you move more.
  3. Listen to your body.  The body you're given today may not be the same body you were given yesterday.  What do I mean by that?  Your joints might be achier, heart rate could be already elevated, legs are pre-fatigued, or, as Oklahomans know, your allergies are at an all time high.  Choose an intensity and type of workout that best suits your body given to you today.  Choose the modification of an exercise rather than powering through because you feel like a wimp.  Who's judging? Remember that it's your workout and to promote longevity for a healthy body, work smarter, not harder!


Jamie Crone