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Intermittent fasting, keto, Atkins, Whole30, 21 Day Fix...are all fine and dandy if you need a jump start into changing your daily eating to incorporate more whole, clean foods.  How you incorporate new habits into your daily routine AFTER the diet is said and done will be your make it or break it moment.  When your main priority is to get the weight off as quickly as possible, those unwanted pounds will most likely come back on just as quickly...and plus some. 

Here are some tips on how you can establish a properly fueled diet, and still be able to have your cake and eat it too.

1.  Limit your added sugars to no more than 27.5 grams for women and no more than 35 grams for men.  1 gram is approximately 1 teaspoon.  Added sugar comes in the form of honey, cane sugar, agave, or Stevia that's added to your food.  Things like fruit and milk have natural sugar and therefore are not considered in your added sugar intake. 

Do you have a sweet tooth?  Me too and this is one area that I need to be careful of.  Now, 27.5 grams is the maximum you can consume daily.  If you're one to overindulge at that number, cut it down to 15 or 10 grams per day.  Just don't cut it out altogether!  Especially for someone who is active.  Added sugar IS healthy for your body and a great source of immediate fuel.  It's the amount that will be the downfall. 

2.  Good carbs versus poor carbs.  Better choices for carbohydrates are going to be less processed, more whole foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans...because they contain more fiber, higher in vitamins and minerals, lower in glycemic index, and promotes satiation (feeling full) for a longer period of time.  Complex carbohydrates like beans, whole grains, green vegetables, and starchy vegetables take longer to digest are great for all day fuel.  Simple carbohydrates like fruit and dairy products are great as a pre-workout snack as they break down much faster for a quick source of energy.  

Poor choices for carbohydrates are going to be your processed foods like soft drinks, candy, cakes, refined grains...they contain less fiber, higher in the glycemic index, and requires more calories to make you feel full.  Have you ever finished your leftovers literally 20 minutes after eating out?  Did your meal consist mainly of pasta, tortillas, or chocolate cake?  Stick to clean, whole foods 85% of the time and treat yo'self only 15% of the time to stay sane.  One hamburger never made anyone fat and one salad never made anyone skinny...find a balance. 

3.  Eat your veggies!   Whether it's paleo, mediterranean, pescatarian, or vegan diets, they all have the same thing in common.  Limit your added sugar and EAT MORE VEGGIES!  

Remember that we are always changing.  What you didn't like as a kid might not be true as an adult, so be sure to give everything a try.  I'm sure you often hear, "You'll never know until you try!"  If you're not a fan of steamed vegetables, you might like roasted.  Try, try, and try again.  Find different seasonings you enjoy and different ways you can cook vegetables.  Food is fuel!  Not a punishment. 

4.  Connect the mental to the physical.  Switch your focus to how you feel when you're food is composed of more whole, unprocessed foods.  Notice how your energy level increases or how much more confident you feel.  We want to hone in on the positive feelings that go along with healthier living so that it will stick LONG-TERM and you'll maintain the results you worked so hard for.  

Keep a journal!  Not just a food journal, but one where you can record your progress, your thoughts, and your feelings during the process towards changing your daily habits.  It's important to take record so that you can look back and remember WHY you're doing the hard work that comes with improving your life.  You need the WHY in order to persevere through the days and weeks when you want to give up.  I found this picture below that describes the journey of success...


You HAVE to accept the fact that the journey is not going to be perfect and there will be ups and downs.  It's important to be aware of the downs and how to get yourself through them to push yourself to your end goal!

Take 10 minutes to try this little ab burner. Do 10 reps of each exercise for 4 sets! If you're low back comes off the floor and you're experiencing low back pain, stick to the 1st variation to maintain core control. Follow me @evolvefitnessokc!

Let's welcome Leslie Ellingburg to the Evolve Family!


Leslie Ann Ellingburg, BS & RYT-200, aka Yogini is a Dancer, is a woman who finds rhythm in life, breath, words, and movement. Leslie loves sharing and bringing yoga to the community she serves and dances her way around the yoga mat. Leslie also loves to share her journey of a recovered life with her dancing words in her blog, imagoftheheart.  She is a southern belle with a hippie heart who sees God in everyone. Leslie bases her yoga philosophy on two Sanskrit words, “shanti” (peace) and “leela” (play): finding inner peace through the play and practice of yoga. Her roots in exercise science and kinesiology will help you find your best yoga posture that is! 

You can catch her class on Mondays @8:30am in Just Stretch It!


Follow her on IG: @yogini_is_a_dancer or FB: Yogini is a Dancer 

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