Train For Your Body Type


EveryBODY is Unique!

How to train for your body type...

Since you were little, I'm sure that you've been taught that you were born special and unique.  That your individual gifts were created specifically for you.  Then why do we listen to society when they tell us we're supposed to look one particular way?!  If you want to look "beautiful", you'll fit into these size 2 jeans, style your hair this particular way, and buy into that new skin technique promising to turn back time for a more youthful appearance.  

Those aren't wrinkles!! Those are memory lines!  Lines that have developed for every adventure that you've been through in life.  Every line represents a hard time that you've persevered through with friends and family.  So why do we buy into what society tells us what we should look like when we know that everyone is created differently?  

In terms of weight loss and body building, your journey and results are going to be completely different compared to the person standing next to you.  So stop comparing!!  Every body is different as I've said numerous times already, and let me tell you the science behind it.  There are three body types and each responds to diet and training in various ways.  




  • small "delicate" frame and bone structure
  • flat chest
  • small shoulders
  • thin
  • lean muscle mass
  • finds it hard to gain weight
  • fast metabolism


Ectomorphs burn calories extremely fast due to their fast metabolism making it hard for them to gain weight.  In terms of training, ectomorphs should keep training sessions short and intense, focusing on building the big major muscle groups (quads, biceps). Ectomorphs should also eat before sleeping to prevent muscle breakdown during the night.  


  • large muscles and bone structure
  • athletic physique
  • generally hard body
  • well defined muscles
  • rectangular shaped body
  • strong
  • gains muscle easily
  • gains fat more easily than ectomorphs

Mesomorphs respond best to weight training.  Muscle build is usually seen rather quickly, especially in beginners.  Although mesomorphs can gain muscle easily, they can also gain fat in the same way which means they need to mindful of their calorie intake.  Weight training and cardio works best for mesomorphs. 


  • soft and round body
  • gains muscle and fat very easily
  • generally short and "stocky" build
  • slow metabolism
  • hard to build muscle definition  
  • leg exercises tend to be the easiest

Endomorphs will find weight gain easier for them than others during training.  In order to prevent fat gain, endomorphs should combine cardio with weight training. 


Now, keep in mind that a person can be a combination of body types.  Someone can have traits of both a mesomorph and endomorph.  You should be able to identify yourself in some of the qualities listed for each body type.  Notice how there's no cookie cutter formula to diet and train!  Sometimes it takes trial and error to discover what workout routine and diet works best for your body. (I mean diet as a lifestyle.  Not as a temporary solution as  I hope you know.)  So I'll as the question again.  Why do we buy into what others say we should look like?!

Because we're afraid to stand out on our own.  It's easier to give up than to do the hard work to feel happy, healthy, and confident with YOUR OWN BODY.  Fear is a big time motivator when it comes to the decisions we make whether it has a negative or positive influence on our lives.  You have a goal to drop 2 pant sizes, but the big question lies within...what if you fail?  Failure and rejection are uncomfortable experiences and in order to avoid the risk of either of these things, we choose to put off that goal for another day, week, month, or even a few more years, filling ourselves up with resentment and regret.

I'm here to tell you that any goal that is important to you is worth the effort and risk.  There WILL BE times of failure and rejection.  Pushing through those times makes the reward that much sweeter.  Embrace your body and your journey.  Tell everyone else to mind their own bodies and business! 

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