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Client Guide

Welcome to the Evolve Family! We are so excited to have you here and pumped about the progress we will make together. We've compiled some info to provide some added structure for our time together. It’s our goal for our clients to feel supported, educated and empowered.


Communication about your training will be responded to within 24 hours. The only exception of Saturday.  We are available to you, but practice un-plugging on the weekends so that we can show up refreshed and ready to take on the week. This means that messages received on Friday, will be responded to by Sunday. 

Check-in Rules

Your check-in frequency may vary depending on your package, but all check-ins are due on Wednesday by 5pm CST. 


Check-ins that are submitted on time, will be responded to within 24 hours… unless there is an unforeseen circumstance, in which case, your coach will announce from your training app. 

Each week your check-in form will be sent to you from your training app. It may be a good idea to save it in your browser favorites, and you can always access it with this link.

If you're going to miss a check-in, please let your coach know in advance. 


If you haven't done so already, click here to join our Facebook community. This group is all about keeping it real, sharing tips/tricks, questions, and celebrating wins. We're here to support each other so please, ask questions here for community support and stay engaged! 


We ask that you train barefoot. It's best to have your feet completely level and wearing thick cushy soles could be harmful. 

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