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Class Descriptions and pricing


Class Descriptions

Power of Pilates

Power of Pilates

Power of Pilates

Learn to stand a little taller in this whole body workout. As you move through each exercise with flow and ease, you’ll gain improvements in posture, flexibility, and muscular endurance after a few short weeks. Come have some fun on the mat, Reformer, and Tower!

Lift 2Fit

Moving things a little quicker, this medium intensity class will be geared more towards muscle building by adding in weight training. The key is low repetitions, high load and you’ll get those muscles poppin’!

Interval Ignite!

Interval Ignite!


Interval Ignite!

Let’s kick it up into full gear with this high intensity class! Train your heart, body, and mind by blasting through an exercise as fast as YOU can for a short burst of time. Let's torch those calories!


Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing

Get your heart rate pumping in this Muay Thai inspired HIIT class. You'll learn traditional Thai boxing moves mixed in with intervals of strength training exercises to complete your total body workout. Talk about stress relieving!




Class Prices


1 drop-in class             = $25

6 class pck                  = $140   Save $20

12 class pck                 = $250   Save $50

24 class pck                = $475   Save $140

Unlimited Monthly      = $185/month (3 month contract)


  • 10% discount available to students, teachers, and military! 
  • All payments other than American Express are accepted. 



Private and Duet Training


Private training can better accommodate clients that would benefit from one-on-one training.  If you have specific physical limitations that require more attention, rehabbing from previous injuries, or feel more comfortable working on your own, then private training is for you.  

Still not comfortable in a group setting, but would enjoy a workout buddy?  Duet training is also available!  You can either have a friend join you, or we will do find a partner that would be a great fit for you.  All new private clients will go through the Intro 3 Private Package to decide if we're a good fit for you.  After your 3 - 45 minute sessions, we'll re-evaulate and develop a customized program ideal for you and your lifestyle!


Private and Duet Pricing

Private Sessions (45 min):

1 session                          = $55 

Intro 3 pck

***(New Clients Only)        = $99    


6 private pck          = $300      Save $30    

12 private pck         = $575      Save $85

*12 pck (30 min)     = $400


Duet Sessions (per person)(45 min):

1 session           = $35    

6 duet pck        = $185     Save $25

12 duet pck       = $340     Save $40


  • All payments other than American Express are accepted.