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Are you looking to improve your posture? Build body awareness to improve other activities like running or cycling?

Look no further! Compliment your strength training with Pilates where you’ll improve flexibility through active stretch and strengthen your core through mindful movement.


We are HUGE fans of cross-training to keep your body confused and guessing to achieve optimal results. Your Evolve Coach will mix it up with weight lifting, TRX suspension training, body weight cardio blasts…oh my! Just know you’ll leave feeling challenged and accomplished.

Beyond the barre

We're taking you beyond the barre in this upbeat, dance inspired workout.  Same heart pumping, groovin' moves as your typical barre class!  Just with more of a twist utilizing different tools that will keep your body guessing for even more fat burning gains. 


Functional Yoga

This class focuses not only on traditional yoga postures and alignment, but includes biomechanics, range of motion work, and strengthening deep core stability. Appropriate breath work is practiced and also used to reduce flight/fight response so you leave feeling calm, clear, and moving better. The focus is to improve mobility, strength and daily functional movement that’s free of tension, pain and stress.

Myo-fascia & Mobility

Explore how to improve range of motion, mobility and myo-fascial release through using foam rollers, unconventional props, yoga postures, Biomechanics and creative multi-plane movement. Understand how to impact the myo-fascia and circulatory systems while managing parasympathetic response for relaxation.

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Drop in rate $35
*discounts available for packages starting at $17.50 ea.