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strength Train express:

Week Three

When should you schedule your workouts and at what time of day is most optimal for your training?

That depends on you!  Just like nutrition, we have to go through a trial and error process to determine what's the best fit for us each as individuals.  You'll read in magazines that the morning is the best time to get your workout in as it starts your day off on a good note and it's less likely you'll talk yourself out of it. 


You'll also get advice that you need to set a time and keep that time consistently to establish the habit.  I tried all those tips and tricks and none of them worked for me.  Especially when I have a job that begins at 6:30am!  There are some that thrive off of a routine, but I am not one of them.  I'm not a morning person and to get up even earlier than I have to is NOT HAPPENING!

For me, I will plan out my workout days on Sunday to establish the mindfullness.  Like most moms and working women, we have to be flexible with our schedule.  The night before is when I'll schedule out the exact time and commit as schedule is constantly changing and that's what helps set myself up for success.

What type of planning works for you?  

  • Do you need to have the same set time to stay consistent in your workout routine? 
  • Are you one that needs to learn to be flexible with time and place to figure it out as the week goes along?  

  • Do you try the magazine tips, fail, and then give up instead of learning through what works for you and doesn't?

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