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About Us

Evolve Fitness, LLC is a private and small group Pilates based training studio where we customize challenging and unique workouts. Our clients first learn the Pilates fundamentals involving core strength, controlled breathing, and proper alignment, and are then able to fuse the Pilates method into all types of fitness trends.

We not only incorporate Pilates mat and apparatus into training sessions, but also add in weight, TRX suspension, and resistance training to ensure a well balanced body. We find that it is important to mix styles and intensities to maintain muscle confusion, prevent injury, and achieve more effective, faster results! With every workout, our instructors are able to guarantee a safe, motivating, and welcoming workout environment due to our small class sizes.

Our shared mission is to inspire happier living through a healthier lifestyle. Whether your goals include weight-loss, build muscle definition , and/or injury prevention, Evolve is your one-stop shop for all of your wellness needs.

No man - no machine can correct or create vitality, power, or health for you; everything comes from within, you have to unfold it.
— Joseph Pilates

What's Pilates all about?

Pilates is a system of exercises, performed either on the mat or apparatus, designed to enhance physical strength, flexibility, balance, posture, and body-mind awareness.  This method was created by a brilliant man named Joseph Pilates in 1912 while he was interned as a German "enemy alien" during World War 1.  Being the inventor that he was, Joseph embellished his exercise method to further help strengthen bed-ridden patients by incorporating the use of springs from their hospital beds.  Thus, began the development of the most famous "Cadillac" and other Pilates apparatus.  

Since introducing the Pilates method to the U.S. in 1912, Jospeh has been an ever-growing industry.  With this practice of functional training, people are able to move with more ease and increase longevity by improving core strength, coordination, balance, controlled movement, and flexibility.  


Why should I cross-train?

Muscle confusion is vital in maintaining a happy, healthy body.  Any kind of movement is great for the mind and body.  However, by mixing up intensities with differing workout routines like Pilates, weight training, and interval training, your body will never plateau.  Your Evolve Fitness coaches will teach you how to maintain good form in order for you to safely execute any of our challenging and effective workout routines.  

We want to see you succeed and will help customize a mixed workout routine that works best for you and your wellness goals.  Let's get your wellness journey started! 


How do I start?

Are you new to exercise or Pilates?  

For new clients who do not currently have an active workout routine, who are new to Pilates or recovering from recent injuries, we highly recommend starting with the Intro 3 Private Package.  

During the 3 private sessions, your trainer will guide you through a Pilates workout, a strength-building workout, and an interval training workout to give you a taste of the different intensities offered at Evolve Fitness.  You'll also learn about the Pilates fundamentals of core strength, controlled breathing, and proper alignment in order to achieve optimal results. 

At the end of your introduction, your trainer will help you develop a workout schedule whether that includes joining classes, or staying with private sessions.  We'll make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in deciding what option works best for you and your wellness needs. 


Are you currently active and ready to go?! 

For clients who are physically active with no recent injuries, we welcome you to join us for your first FREE class. You may go to the Our Classes page at the top of the menu to book any class of interest to you, and checkout with the New Client Freebie. At the end of your trial class, your Evolve trainer will be happy to answer any questions you might have on class schedule, class types, and/or pricing. Depending on your form, your instructor may advise the Intro 3 Private Package before jumping into your next class.  


Evolve Fitness trainers strive to provide our clients with the knowledge and confidence it takes to have the best fitness experience. 



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