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READY to dump the diet mindset to find a healthy lifestyle you love? 
Welcome to the place where gym anxiety surrenders to self empowerment.

It’s time to stop the
overthinking & overcommitting once and for all.

You’re on the hunt for a personal trainer.

But that’s not really why you’re here.

You’re the caregiver...the boss...the leader.

From the moment you wake up, your brain is rattling off the

"to-do" list and schedule for the day.



Your thoughts and choices revolve around everyone & everything else.



You’re tired! You’ve given all your energy away that there’s nothing left in the tank for yourself.  Quick fix diets and high intensity workouts promising immediate results look quite attractive. Deep down, you don’t want to just lose some LB’s…you’re looking for a mindset makeover and a durable plan of attack that will you make you feel strong, confident, and unstoppable!

Who needs chauffeuring where?

What project needs attention now? 

What bills are due today? 

You know that working with a
strength & habit coach is the first step towards saying
NO MORE to quick fixes and HELL YES to real solutions that last. 

We’re here to help find the possible in what seems like the impossible. 
"Evolve has made me step out of my cardio mindset into one that focuses on strength training & that's when my body started to change."
"Evolve is different because it's a sustainable habit.  There's a focus on quality movement over quantity, but not so much that you don't challenge yourself and get stronger."
"Having worked with several professional trainers over the years, Evolve is different.  Their attention to you and your well being is unmatched!"
"When my wife would tell me about her workouts at Evolve, I always thought they sounded too easy...I couldn't have been more wrong!
I'm overall stronger than I've ever been in my life."
-Kristin, client of 8 yr
Charlotte, client of 1 yr
-Debbie, client of 10 yr
-Matt, client of 1 yr
in studio training

Let’s be real: you don’t want to waste another gym membership that’s only used a handful of times.  You want your body back without the stress of over-investing and the disappointments of under-delivering. 


Our Intro Private Pack will help you begin to break down your personal fitness barriers so that you can become a fearless mover

in & out of the gym.  

online training

If you think virtual training isn’t effective, think again.  Our online personal coaching is here to give you customized training, video form feedback, nutritional programming, AND MORE–it’ll feel like we’re right there with you every step of the way. 


Ready to feel like a badass and do it on your own terms?



Jamie & Chanel, here.

We’re here to reframe the way you think about healthy living.
At Evolve, our strength and habit coaches don’t just tell you what to do.  We also teach you the essential “how’s and “why’s” behind all things health and wellness. Unlike other trainers and gyms who assign strict diets and “beat your body up” workouts, we work

with YOU to build a realistic foundation designed for sustainable growth.  It’s a difference you'll not only see, but undeniably feel! 

Our clients initially come to us feeling cautious, scared, and intimidated.  Within a matter of months, they transform into resilient fitness devotees.  
But our real intention isn’t to only help you
look good naked.  It’s to support you in cultivating a life filled with confidence and pride. 

Ready to Evolve?

1. Complete the application

We want to get to know you!  

In our new client application, we'll ask you questions to get to learn more about you and your goals.  We'll also dive into what you're currently doing, or have tried and what's worked / hasn't worked for you.

2. Book your meet & greet call

Once you've submitted your application, we'll get in touch to continue the conversation via text or phone call...whichever's most comfortable for you!

We'll go a little deeper into what you're looking for and what you're wanting to accomplish as well as answer any questions you have about our services.

3. Let's get moving!

If we feel we're a good fit and you're ready to take the next step, we can start your onboarding process right on the call. 


This is a no pressure zone!  We encourage you to take the time to find your fitness home where you can feel

confident and consistent. 


It's time to believe you
can build the life you love.

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