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Change is in the challenge

More than a fitness studio...

EVOLVE is a private, small group fitness studio with a team of coaches who empowers women and men

by teaching them the mental and physical skills needed to live a life filled with confidence and pride!

We know working out can be a buzz kill (especially if you don’t feel completely in your ability). We love empowering our clients and teach you how to confidently move and challenge your body so you can see results and achieve your health and wellness goals safely and effectively.

Whether your goals include fat-loss, toning up, and/or injury prevention, EVOLVE is a one-stop shop for all your wellness needs.

 What Evolve is all about...

Colorful Weights



No matter what  your fitness goals are, Jamie will get you there. Through her guidance and motivation, I have seen a difference in my strength, flexibility and body awareness.


Evolve has changed my life! I used to hate working out and would dread going to classes at larger studios. Now I work out 4 days a week & have seen such an improvement in my health. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to get in shape and be held accountable.

Courtney J.

Chanel has such great energy and makes working out so fun! I always leave her classes feeling stronger and motivated to stick to my fitness goals. Shes's amazing! 

Fitness that fits your needs (and your lifestyle)

Lifestyle coaching

Image by Anna Pelzer

Uncover how you can make healthy eating a part of your lifestyle you enjoy! Learn the “why” behind nutrition and how eating 80% whole, unprocessed, nutrient filled foods, helps you to feel less anxious, depressed, lethargic, and fatigued.


The other strategic 20% splurge is the guilt free sprinkle on top to help keep you sane and beat back binges and unchecked cravings. No diets or time limits here as we strive for lifestyle habits to attain lifetime results!

Studio Classes


Kick it into full gear with a variety of classes! Whether you’re looking to stand a little taller and improve posture through Pilates, test your strength with weightlifting, or blast through a burn as fast as YOU can, we’ve got a range of classes that’ll train your heart, body, and mind.

Evolve on demand

Resting After Workout

We've expanded EVOLVE to meet you no matter where you are. Our new On Demand platform and subscription membership is a one-stop digital shop for all your health and wellness needs.  


Whether you're trying to tone your arms so you can rock that sleeveless look you've been dying to try, are looking to improve your health, or want to conquer the world (and look good doing it) we've got your back … and biceps!

Private Sessions


Learn to master the basics and take your fitness to the next level with one-on-one personal training. Whether you’re just starting out and learning how to train and move your body for the first time or if you’re an experienced lifter who’s reached a plateau with your current routine, our personal training sessions are designed to help you specifically target areas for rapid growth and improvement.

“I am so thankful to have found Jamie. I’m so much stronger now. I even hear her voice in my head outside of class! Jamie has taught me how to watch my form and do exercises correctly, keeping me from injury while making my workouts more more effective. I can’t thank Jamie enough!” - Elizabeth R.

Meet our team

Jamie Crone

Founder. Owner. Coach

Since she was 3 years old, Jamie has been in love with movement. Whether it was as a dancer in NYC or now, as the founder of EVOLVE, Jamie inspires commitment and hustle by walking her talk, putting in the sweat, and letting her client’s results speak for themselves.

Jamie enjoys challenging people no matter what workout method the prefer. She’s an expert at creating efficient routines with tons of variety.  Helping people achieve their wellness goals and empower a life they love to live truly inspires her work. 

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Chanel Brown

Owner. Coach

Chanel grew up in a fit family and considers having a healthy lifestyle incredibly valuable. She received a BS in Kinesiology from The University of Central Oklahoma in 2009. Since school, Chanel has become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.


 Chanel loves to continue her growth of knowledge in the realm of health, has experience working with a wide variety of populations through many different fitness domains, and enjoys all aspects of fitness and is eager to spread that passion to others!

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Kat Dinh


Kat has been practicing yoga and studying yogic traditions for 15+ years. She’s currently training to become an internationally certified Yoga Therapist. Her training combines Eastern perspective and Western medicine, including an understanding of Neuroscience, Evolutionary Biology, Biomechanics, and Integrative Psychology. Her personal practice transcends traditional alignment based yoga to include functional movement therapy, pulling in all she’s learned to honor her body’s needs in each moment and breath.

She is dedicated to guiding and encouraging others to be courageous yet humble in exploration of their unique body, mind, and heart. Kat has a passion for Ayurveda, the "Sister Science to Yoga,” through her years of self-study and completion of a 500 hour Ayurveda Wellness course in 2018.   She's passionate about empowering people's intuition towards naturopathic wellness through living in balance with Nature that includes movement practices, food, breathing techniques, self inquiry and meditation.

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Chanel is so great! She listens, she observes, she is so nutritionally nurturing and supportive. Chanel has helped me to make achievable and sustainable fitness and nutrition goals. 
I've been able to break my plateau and I'm so thankful for the help and support. Just what the Dr. ordered for a busy mompreneur ❤️
- Tamara H


Rick Landry

on demand

We've got your back when it comes to achieving sustainable success.  We know that time constraints can be a huge barrier in attaining a consistent routine. 

Hop on and do a quick restorative flow stretch routine, HIIT class or do a full strength workout. 

Need accountability?  Find out more about joining our next virtual Challenge Group!

We want EVOLVE to feel like home.
Whether you’re an athlete, an enthusiast, or if you’ve never picked up a weight in your life; EVOLVE should feel like coming home.

We’re here to celebrate your wins as we LOVE a good dance party.

We want to help you power through your losses as we have those too.

And we’re committed to helping you grow regardless of any obstacles you face. Not just in the gym, but as human beings trying to live happy, conscious, and empowered lives.
EVOLVE is a space where you can take a breath and exhale.

We understand those moments when you want to say "f*ck it." We understand wanting to throw in the towel and quit.  We understand the day-to-day struggle that happens when you’re pushing yourself to the next level and working toward accomplishing your goals.

I know the key to ANY success is having the guts to get started, practicing patience with yourself as you learn the ropes, and persevering through those moments that test and challenge your resolution. None of that comes easy. More often than not, it feels like you’re holding your breath, waiting to see if you succeed or fail.

Together we can work toward your goals, push forward like never before, take that exhale breath, and keep moving.

EVOLVE is a space where you can always create success and opportunity to grow, even when you meet an obstacle.
It’s our mission to inspire you and help you continuously expand and grow.
Whether it’s in a small group class, personal training, nutrition coaching, or the virtual classroom, our focus at EVOLVE is to teach you the fundamentals of form and function so you can master the basics, uncover your full potential, and come to the realization that anything is possible; (no matter your lifestyle, your background) once we let go of our limiting beliefs and self-doubt.
We’re here to be in your corner so you can break through barriers—mentally, spiritually, and physically!
-Owners, Jamie Crone & Chanel Brown
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