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Evolve is a place where we want you (our client) to feel connected, empowered, and informed in learning the mental and physical tools needed to accomplish your wellness goals.  


In order to ensure that our clients are receiving the best training experience possible, we have established a variety of policies and procedures of what’s expected from all of our clients.  It is recommended that our clients thoroughly review the following policies. If you have any questions regarding our policies and procedures, please don't hesitate to the contact Evolve management at


Fitness Attire:


We ask that clients wear active attire that is moveable and breathable.  We highly encourage our clients to train barefoot, socks, or minimalist shoes to build whole body strength and prevent injury!  Just like your house, when your foundation out of alignment, the rest of the house will follow suite.  The cushier the shoe, the harder it is to optimally strengthen muscles, improve balance, and increase stability.  


If you choose to wear shoes, help us keep our studio clean by double checking that you are not tracking dirt / mud into our training space. 


Group Classes:  Booking, Canceling, & Waitlist


Group classes are not only cost effective, but also wonderful for flexibility with a variety of class times, being a part of a community, and building self awareness.  With that said, we ask that you respect your coach’s and fellow peers’ time.  It is up to you to manage your class schedule…not your coach or your Evolve owners.  If you have troubles with the Evolve app, we are absolutely happy to help troubleshoot, but will not be responsible for your schedule.   


To ensure your spot in class, reserve your spot as early as possible.  Cancel your appointments within 12 hours to avoid late cancellation and to also allow others to have your spot.  We understand that life happens and will provide leniency on occasion, but please respect that our time is our money and cannot allow frequent late cancels for our coaches or fellow clients. 


There might be times that you are waitlisted for a class.  Please check that your notifications are turned on so that we can alert you via email or text if/when a spot has opened up.  You will have max 2 hours to confirm your spot via email before it is given to the next person in line.  


We will not refund any class packages or monthly memberships for waitlisted classes.  We highly encourage you to open up your opportunities by trying other classes / times / coaches.  Is there a class time you’d like to see on the schedule?  Please let us know!  We’re always here for suggestions. 


Private Training:


We are all about teaching you how to stand on your own 2 feet!  Our Intro Breakthrough Package is a requirement for new clients so that we can dig deep in teaching you the “how’s” and “why’s” of foundational movement and lay the groundwork for long term success.  Intro private sessions cannot be shared.  It's important that your coach gives you their full and undivided attention during this kick start.

To book your private appointments, contact your Evolve owners or your coach.  To cancel, please notify your coach within 12 hours to avoid late cancellation.  We will provide leniency on occasion, but consecutive late cancels will be deducted from your pacakge as again…our time is our money.  We respect your time and we ask that you reciprocate.  Whether early or late, private clients MUST notify their coach of all canceled appointments via text. 


We reserve the right to save recurring private appointments for clients who need the one-to-one training based on age, activity level, and injury rehabilitation.  Recurring private training is not a right here at Evolve.  At your fourth Intro session, your coach will re-evaluate with you on what the next best step is for you in terms of private or group training. 


If you are a current recurring private client, there might be a time when you’ve outgrown your private training due to the progress you’ve made!  Know that your Evolve coaches are always looking out for your best interest and are here to challenge your comfort zone, inside and outside of the studio.


Late Cancellations & Refunds:


Classes and private sessions MUST be canceled within 12 hours to avoid cancelation fee.  We understand when life throws a wrench into your plans once in a blue moon, but we can spot a bad habit when we see one.  We respect your time and investment and ask that you respect ours and others. 

We offer a 14-day refund on Evolve services.  If you are not satisfied with your programming within the first two weeks of purchase, you may request a full refund.  After your first 14 days, you are locked into your package or membership.  Membership contracts are subject to an early termination fee of $250-$500 based on your term length.

Referral Program: 


Your support and hard work deserves a thank you!  When you refer a friend and they purchase our Intro Breakthrough Package, you’ll receive a $25 studio credit automatically applied to your account!  

Thank you for supporting Evolve,
and being a role model for our mission. 
Let's continue to empower others to ditch the quickfix mindset and build a lifestyle designed for lasting strength and confidence!

Business Policy

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