Come evolve with us as you challenge yourself to change yourself! 


Evolve Fitness, LLC is a private and small group Pilates based training studio.  We will customize your workouts to better achieve your wellness goals with the use of Pilates mat and apparatus exercises as well as fusing the Pilates method with other fitness trends such as weight training, TRX training, and HIIT workouts.  We will educate you on incorporating the foundations of Pilates into all types of workout methods.  The basics of Pilates include core strength, proper posture and alignment, and controlled breathing.  These are important to learn in order to prevent injury and optimize proper muscle activation.  


Small group classes are described by the intensity of the class from low, medium, to high.  You choose the intensity and your Evolve instructor will choose the props and exercises used; whether it be a BOSU ball workout, Pilates reformer routine, or a simple body weight HIIT session.  Evolve Fitness will strive to provide you with unique, challenging, and safe workouts of all types in order to create effective results that will improve your daily living.  


If your goals include weight-loss, increase muscle strength, and/or injury prevention, Evolve will customize a wellness plan to fit your needs and lifestyle.  


Our shared mission is to inspire happier living through healthier living.  


Contact Us

(405) 608-8044



9233 N. Pennsylvania Pl.

Casady Square Shopping Center

Oklahoma City, OK 73120



  • Free Weights and Barbells

  • TRX Suspension Straps

  • Pilates Cadillac (Combo Reformer and Tower)

  • BOSU Ball

  • Balliste Ball

  • Pilates Mat and Magic Circle

  • Kettle Bells