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personal training in Oklahoma City

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Strength training classes in Oklahoma City

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Battle Rope Training and HIIT Classes in Oklahoma City
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Customized personal training and injury prevention in Oklahoma City

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How do I schedule my Intro sessions?

After you've filled out your New Client Application, we'll contact you to get you set up on our app and book your first appointment based on your availability.  We'll book your next 2 in person with some rest days in between to recover!

What's your cancellation policy?

We have a 12 hour late cancelation policy for privates AND classes.  We completely understand when life gets in the way once in a blue moon...however...we can spot a bad habit when we see those frequent no-shows.  We respect your time & investment and ask that you respect ours and others as well. 

How much is your membership?

You have the option of class packages OR unlimited monthly class pass for IN STUDIO training.  We do not have monthly membership options.  Please refer to the SERVICES tab to view our pricing options. 

ONLINE memberships start at $450 per month for 3 months OR can be paid in full at $1199.  After your first 3 months of training, you can be tiered down in monthly payment based on how much accountability you need for your goals. 

What do I wear? 

Athletic wear that breathes and moves!  Please don't wear sweats. mentally prepared to workout with no shoes.  We ask all new clients to complete their Intro Sessions barefoot/socks as your feet are the foundation of your house.  If the foundation is off of alignment, everything else will be too. 

P.S. Hokas are absolute no.  Will explain later!

What's your refund policy?

Our IN STUDIO services are contract and expiration date free allowing you more flexibility with scheduling your training..thusly, we do not offer refunds on private or group classes. 

Our ONLINE services have a 30 day refund policy.  If after 30 days you are not satisfied with your programming, you can request a full refund. 

Do you do meal plans?

We'll give you guidance on daily nutrition and ideas for meals, but in, we do not create meal plans.  Our philosophy in training and nutrition is teach a person to fish and they'll eat for a lifetime!

We help you re-frame your mindset and build awareness on your choices so that you can build a healthier AND happier relationship with food.  Eat your cake and eat it too!

How often should I train to see results?

Consistency is key!  We don't want to feed the "all in or all out" mindset so we'll work together on creating a strategy that you feel 100% confident in.  Going from not working out at all to 5 days a week will..never work.  Once you've established the habit, we'll re-evaluate and expand the game plan!

We don't like the pressure of expiration dates or deadlines and we know you don't either.  Get ready to strap in and focus on one step at a time for optimal, long-term results that STICK!

Where are you located?

We are located in Shoppes on May at the intersection of May and Britton.  We do not have any signage so we are the secret club in the corner next to Tuesday Morning. 

Do you offer any discounts?

You have 2 ways to receive discounts at Evolve as a client.  One is your birthday!  Make sure we have that info to send your bday gift.  

We also want to thank you for friends and family members you send our way.  For every referral that purchases an Intro 3 Private Pack or Online Personal Coaching, we'll send you a $50 Visa Gift Card to use as you wish!

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