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Upper body push ups
just 10 weeks of strength
training can lead to a 7% increase
in me
tabolic rate...


pssst…this makes your body burn calories on its own.

The truth is you’re never going to be able to fit 1-2 years of results in 1-2 months. That’s why

6 week all-in bootcamps and low-carb weight loss won’t last long.


We don’t do chicken & broccoli meal plans. We don’t care about calories burned. And we’re never going to give you false promises on losing “X” pounds in “X” number of days. 


Because you’re looking for more than a set of rules to achieve that "magical number”.  You’re looking to dive into the deeper work to establish a sustainably stronger and happier way of life.



it real
goes right



everybody welcomes
every body

Because we value honesty & authenticity, even if it means taking a risk or going against the grain.

Because we know that showing up is half the battle. 

Because we teach you how to take common sense & turn into common practice.

Strength and Nutrition Coaching in oklahoma City

Intro Breakthrough Package

Whether you're just starting out and learning to move your body for the first time or an experienced lifter who’s reached a plateau, we created this program to expand your body awareness.  You’ll learn how to activate the RIGHT muscles so that you can achieve double the results in half the time. 

When you sign up for your Intro Breakthrough Package, you can expect:


  • Tailored Strength Experience:  Five 45-minute sessions customized just for you.


  • Building Blocks Mastery:  Transform your strength training basics into powerful, versatile movement for life.


  • Move with Freedom:  Personalized posture & mobility assessment.


  • Evolve Breakthrough Blueprint: Complimentary access to our online nutrition & habit guide.


  • Coach Connection:  Direct communication for personalized support & accountability.

(REQUIRED for new Evolutionaries)

In Studio Training
Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching in Oklahoma City

In Studio Classes

You don’t want to join a gym where you’re just another face in the crowd. You want a real place with real people who get it and are all working towards the same goal of living a stronger, happier life. 


EVOLVE group classes is your one stop fitness shop for inclusive workouts, insightful coaching, and a devoted community. 

Drop In Class  |  $30

As a part of our member community, we offer many packages

to suit different budgets, lifestyles, and goals. 

Package rates range from $13 -$25 per class. Reach out to us today so we can help you find the ideal option for you!


let go of “why you can’t” & think outside
the box to discover new ways you can.

Throw out the “all or nothing” burnout
& focus on mastering one habit at a time.

Set aside false beliefs to adopt realistic
methods that WILL work in the now. 

Stop feeling powerless & start the empowering
workin caring for your heart, body, & mind.

Interval and Cardio Training Workout Classes in Oklahoma City
Strength Training and Nutrition Coaching

are we a match made in barbell heaven?

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