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Because we're more than a gym.

Let's be real: you don't want to be seen as any regular fitness instructor. You want to help pave the way in health and fitness to encourage significant change in your community's lives.


Becoming an Evolve Coach is going to empower you to make a lasting impact, inspire transformation, and create a culture of wellness that transcends the ordinary.


Are you more than a Trainer?

Who We Are

We are a private and group fitness studio dedicated to empowering ambitious professionals and on-the-go parents to ditch the quick fix mindset and create a lifestyle designed for lasting strength and confidence.  With our innovative and unique training methods, diet interventions, and mindset makeovers, our clients are equipped with the tools to achieve transformative results. 


Our vision is to defy the statistics of unhealthy living by cultivating a global community of supportive, inspiring, and knowledgeable individuals who embody our hybrid approach to wellness.


We hold honesty, authenticity, and effort in high regard, and extend a warm welcome to everyone who walks through our doors.

Who We're Looking For

We are actively seeking our next passionate and driven coach to join the Evolve family.  As an Evolve Coach, your job isn’t to just instruct, but to teach. You'll play a pivotal role in cultivating a supportive environment where individuals can confidently overcome gym anxiety and health insecurities. 


This part-time position requires a commitment of 20 hours per week, scheduled in 5-hour shifts during weekdays for the first 3 months of the apprenticeship/onboarding process. 


You’re invited to apply to the place where passion meets purpose at Evolve.




The thing that I love most about Evolve is the care that I get.  When I started coming, I had a few injuries that I couldn't seem to heal. 

During my one-on-one, they were able to listen to me and how me how to help my body recover.  I can now workout pain free which I haven't been able to do for years!

I put together 3 VERY big and complicated pieces of furniture and could do everything because I was so flexible and mobile.  Made me feel like I was 30 again. 

I can' thank Evolve enough!





Evolve and the wonderful coaches have helped me change the way I workout.  In the past when I would get off track, I would just quit. 

With their support, I've learned that I'm never too far away to come back.  At Evolve, I'm able to workout because I enjoy it and it's fun, not because I feel pressured to. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Lead and program group classes and personal training sessions with enthusiasm and expertise, incorporating thoughtful, functional movement.

  • Provide exceptional customer service and maintain high productivity and quality standards.

  • Take ownership of tasks, ensuring excellence and timeliness.

  • Value teamwork and actively participate in collaborative and promotional initiatives.

  • Encourage a culture of listening to one's body and an open-minded approach to health.

  • Promote health and safety protocols while educating on their significance.

& Certifications:

  • Personal training or strength-focused certification.

  • Customer service experience preferred.

  • Knowledge of posture types, exercise modification for client limitations, and nutrition coaching is a plus.

  • Experience with functional strength training and willingness to pursue additional training certifications.

  • Must be willing to undergo our 12 Week Evolve Coach Training/Onboarding.

Opportunities for Career Growth:

  • Free access to classes and mentorship with the founder.

  • Paid continuing education opportunities to expand your skills and knowledge.

  • Annual professional photoshoot with outfit(s) provided.

  • Annual work retreat because we’re cool people to hang out with!

  • Competitive salary as position scales.


If the core of
who you are

matches the values of who we are...

...Apply Now!

If you're passionate about fitness and making a difference, we'd love to have you on our team at Evolve. Even if you feel 75% qualified, go ahead and click the link to apply! 


Together, let's inspire transformation, one client at a time.

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